Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo Op

Another snow day.  Rather, it's an ice day - freezing rain made a mess of roads this morning, so school was called off.

So I'm enjoying this little gift of a day off.  

On my continued quest of bettering my photography, I'm setting up some still life shots and playing with editing, working with textures & layers.

I'm not a still life type of girl. I get bored with it easily. I'm a people person. The movement, the mystery, the intrigue, the action. 

But alas, the weather is causing me to do the best with what I have. There's not much "life" out there on the streets right now. 

Or is that just an excuse? Am I hiding behind that to keep from stepping out of my comfort zone and just go out and sit on a bench, walk the streets, sit in a coffee shop, visit the mall and observe "life" and take those people shots? Am I hiding behind that as an excuse to not reach out to the umpteen teenagers I work with every day and ask, "hey - would you be willing to model for me so I can practice my photography?"

Normally, I can be a very outgoing, not-so-shy kind of person. Why is it so hard for me to do "all of the above"? I know that practice makes perfect, or at least gets you closer to it. I know what I want to do with my photography this year, but how can I achieve that if I don't step out of my comfort zone?

Reading books, blogs & watching instructional videos are all things I need to do to better my craft. But unless I get out & DO the things I read about and see done, what good will it all do me?

"Night Rider"


Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning!

So, I never made it back last week for Photo Op.  I'm still working on that & working on my photography.  I've joined an online website that teaches all sorts of different classes, but I'm focusing on the photography classes.  The sight is called Skillshare & was recommended to me by a former student.  I'm working through a lighting class right now & have learned several things already.  There are so many other classes that I want to venture into, but I'm resisting the urge until I've accomplished at least one photography class.

The weather around here wasn't too bad last week, but it's just so gray & dull & damp.  This week is going to be cold.  This type of weather makes it very hard for me to get out & play & explore.  There's not much life going on either, but I will continue to work through my class and the books I recently bought as well, searching for inspiration.

This weekend we pretty much hung around the 'ol homestead.  We really do much of anything on Friday night, just ate leftovers & hung out.

Saturday morning we attended a memorial service for a friend who recently lost his battle with cancer.  We went to see him 2 weeks ago when he was put into hospice care.  When we were leaving we were talking with his wife.  She said that he wasn't afraid to die, he was just concerned that he had not witnessed enough about his faith to others. If you had been at his memorial service on Saturday, you would know that he had done more than his share of witnessing in his life.  What an amazing tribute to his memory & to his family!

Sunday we headed off to church & then Dream Boy headed over to Son #1's to help put in a new garbage disposal and faucet unit .  S&D1 just had new granite counter tops installed, including a new sink. So good that Dream Boy is so handy! He has saved us so much money over the years and has been a tremendous help to S&D1 in their renovations with their new home.

Today it's back to school & the beginning of a new semester. Where did the 1st semester go? Wow! 

This semester will be filled with the excitement of impending graduation, senior trip to Florida - this will be my 13th trip! The kids are so excited already. I love to see their faces light up when I tell them about experiences from past trips.

Well that about does it for me today. Thanks for stopping by and please come back again soon!

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

So Saturday, I'm sitting in my creative corner working on this & that.  Mainly this, but there was some of that as well.

While working on this, I needed to the date. I began to write down January 10th, but upon looking at my calendar, was soon brought to the realization that it was January 17th.


How in the world has so much of this month passed already?

We are finishing up our 1st semester of school this week, 3 days of exams. 


Back the bus up. Seriously.

Our weekend was a quiet, relaxing one actually. Friday night Dream Boy made a pot of chili & we stayed in by the cozy fire.

Saturday brought on a tropical heat wave. No kidding. After the sub zero temps we've experienced this past week, 38 degrees was quite balmy. Dream Boy even headed out in the afternoon for a bike ride. I, as I stated earlier, worked on this and that.

That being stuff I don't want to do, but have to do because it's part of the job/responsibility.

You know, I love photography, but the editing process can be quite tedious & it's not my favorite part of the plan. 

But I did have time this weekend to play......with these
The pattern for the hearts was found through a mutual blogging friend, Lisa! She posted them what seems like forever ago & I just remembered them last week. I pulled up her Pinterest & found the pattern & have been crocheting them up like crazy.

I showed them to Dream Boy & he said, "those would be something neat to carry around & just hand out randomly when you see someone having a bad day".

Wah-lah. An idea was born.

I went one step further by adding the tags and doodling a quote or bible verse on them. My doodling inspiration comes from Stephanie Ackerman, the Queen of doodling. I took a class from her a few years back & dabble with it from time to time.

In the past week I've shared this RAK with at least 7 or 8 people. It warms my heart to see their face when I hand it to them & they realize what it is. I'm kinda diggin this little thing.

Sunday we picked up D1 and she went to church & breakfast with us. When we arrived home after dropping her off, we could smell wood smoke quite strong when we backed into the garage.

Dream Boy had commented that he needed to sweep the chimney earlier in the morning, so we went inside & he was going to change his clothes, but upon inspecting the stove pipe in the living room, we realize there was small, undetectable hole in it, but we noticed it because the creosote was leaking down the pipe.

So until we can replace it, the cozy fire that heats our home is out. We are just thanking God, literally, that we realized this before we had an issue with carbon monoxide & it was too late.

So I'm off to school for 2 full & 3 half days. Time for testing...........semester exams & my patience!  LOL!

Happy Monday & blessings to you for a wonderful week.

I'll be back soon with this week's Photo Op!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo Op

Several weeks ago, the Saturday after Christmas to be exact, I shot my last wedding.

What a great night! While I was "working", I was also enjoying the company of my family & friends. The groom was the oldest son of some very dear friends. Our boys grew up together, played soccer together, went to school together, chased girls on the beach in Florida on spring break together & I'm sure there's much more I don't want to truly know about......if you get my drift.

It was a beautiful Christmas wedding & such a joyous time for everyone. 

Son #1 was a groomsman, and all the other boys I've known since they were wee little boys.
Son #1 is a quiet kind of guy, until you get to know him. He is a loyal kind of guy, loves his family with his whole heart.

So what happens at the reception when he grabs your camera off the table?
He turns it back on you, son #2 & a twin sister from another mother. And this mama doesn't really know what he captured until she starts editing pics. Son #1 also complained while attempting to use Lucy, that it "just wasn't working" because he's used to shooting a Canon.


I turned the camera back on him to prove that it wasn't the camera......nor the operator......
I had to show him that his camera skills just may have something to do with the amber liquid he was hydrating on all night!

Love my boys & how they challenge me to be better in everything I do!